Appreciation Party

 People want to know that…  appreciation celebration
• what they do matters
• they make a difference
• they won’t be forgotten

Yet most people…
• don’t know how they impact others
• aren’t told or shown how before it’s too late

In May of 2006 Oprah Winfrey hosted the Legends Ball Celebration, a formal party uniquely designed to commemorate and say thank you to the women who have impacted her life the most.  

“I’ve always known I stand on the shoulders of giants.  This was an opportunity to tell them. Too often in life people pass away and have the most flowers and most beautiful words said about them after their gone. There isn’t a gift I could have given that would have said how much their life has meant to my life.  Just to be thanked was a gift that they received in a way that I wanted it to be. They know that they will never be forgotten.  As long as I live, I think it will carry me forward that I got to say thank you. I got to say thank you.”      
  -Oprah Winfrey, Legends Ball Celebration May 2006

Now you too can have your own “legend’s ball” – a special party that you host to formally recognize and tribute those legends in your life with…

Appreciation Party

What is an Appreciation Party?

An Appreciation is about:
• taking the time to gather loved ones, friends, neighbors, colleagues, caregivers, mentors, customers or whomever else has impacted your life and formally acknowledge what they’ve done for you
• connecting with those who matter most to you and letting them know how grateful you are to have them in your life
• creating an uniquely-designed party that’s memorable and meaningful for your guests
• having fun, laughing, sharing and feeling cherished
• being moved, uplifted and inspired 
• leaving your legacy by going back and giving back


How does it work?

An Appreciation Party encourages people to host a gathering to formally acknowledge and celebrate a group of people in their lives (personally or professionally).  Finding IT, the originator of the Appreciation Party concept, partners with the host to provide everything needed to help plan and deliver the party (including an inspirational presentation for the guests).

The host:

1.  Decides to have a party and determines which guests they want to appreciate/invite.
2.  Contacts Finding IT to set up a complimentary consultation call after completing a planning form.
3.  Plans the gathering with supporting resources provided by Finding IT.
4.  Hosts the party for guests with Finding IT’s help.


What is the purpose of an Appreciation Party?

The gathering embraces these four significant elements:

  1. Get connected – allows party host and guests to connect in a meaningful way through meaningful conversation
  2. Feel appreciated – enables the host to formally thank and acknowledge each guest for the difference they’ve made in their life
  3. Be inspired – includes an inspirational and interactive presentation about what matters most that deeply touches the heart
  4. Give back – encourages guests to go back and give back, just like their host did for them through a variety of appreciation resources


Who is involved?

Three groups are involved in an Appreciation Party:

  1. Host – the person who has a gathering at their home or workplace to celebrate those who matter most.
  2. Finding IT – the company that founded the Appreciation Party, who consults with the host to plan a one-of-a-kind party, gives the inspirational presentation and shares appreciation resources
  3. Guests – those VIP individuals invited by the host 


Who is it for?

You could host a party for anybody and for any occasion:  celebration

• Family members and relatives that mean the world to you
• The girlfriends you couldn’t live without
• Neighbors who always give you a helping hand
• Mentors from different stages of your life that influenced you in significant ways
• Church members for the support and spiritual growth you receive from them
• Volunteers who go above and beyond with giving of their time
• A professional organization or association who helps you grow and develop
• Committee or special project that you were involved with
• Co-workers and colleagues you work with on a daily basis
• A mother’s group that helps you with the challenges of raising children
• A support group that keeps you focused and sane
• Saying thank you in a creative and memorable way to your customers
• All the caregivers who provide heartfelt service to you or your loved ones
• The employees and support staff that you supervise
• All the people who contributed to an important project you managed
• Those that helped you reach an important goal or significant milestone
• Childhood friends that you grew up with and shared fond memories
• Classmates you’ve never forgotten who have touched your life
• Those passionate about a similar hobby as you are
• The teammates from whom you’ve learned the most from
• Favorite teachers and coaches who’ve taught you valuable lessons


What types of Appreciation Parties could you have?
Consider these celebration ideas to host a party with a twist:

• Birthday party – a person having a birthday celebrates those who mean the most to them
 Retirement – a person retiring thanks those with whom they’ve worked with through the years
• Anniversary – couples celebrating their anniversary invite special people in their life who have made their marriage so enriching
• Girls night in – instead of a girl’s night out, girlfriends stay in and share how much they mean to each other
 Get well – for someone who wishes to say thank you for all the caregivers during their illness
• Bridal shower – a bride shows her appreciation to those who helped make her wedding a memorable occasion
• Teacher appreciation – teachers share with their students the impact each made on their career as a teacher


What does a party look like?

A typical gathering is 1-2 hours and includes:

1.   Get Connected
Through a creative, interactive and appreciation-focused icebreaker, people mingle and make informal introductions.

2.  Feel Appreciated
Host welcomes and acknowledges guests, explains the purpose for the party, and introduces Finding IT to share the agenda for the gathering.

3.  Be Inspired 
The purpose of the interactive and inspirational presentation is to thank those guests for making a difference and then inspire them to ultimately give back.  The presentation includes the study of gratitude, how to leave a legacy and ways to tribute those who matter most. 

4. Give Back 
Host personally shows appreciation for each guest and gives everyone an appreciation gift -personalized gratitude card with bookmark.  Finding IT demonstrates ways to give back, such as their Return IT Backward campaign and You’re IT Tribute product line. 


How did Finding IT come up with this idea?

Finding IT Founder Janae Bower’s mission is to inspire others to Find IT, Live IT and Give IT Away.  At the core of her philosophy is the importance of giving back.  She sought to provide an opportunity for people to gather in community and share something really meaningful – how people make a difference to each other.  In Janae’s words…

“When I heard Jean Houston, one of the foremost visionary thinkers and principle founders of the human potential movement, talk about the critical importance of coming together in community to celebrate each other’s lives it sparked the concept of the appreciation party.”

“Have celebrations of people’s lives.  You don’t have to wait for their birthday, but a celebration of people’s lives.  As you do these, it’s really an appreciation party.  People need to be seen, called forth, be evoked and brought to greatness.  It is very important to do that, because if you can celebrate others, you can celebrate yourself.”   – Jean Houston

“I personally didn’t want to regret not saying thank you to one person in my life who has impacted it in some significant way.  When I contemplated who I’ve become as a result of all the people who have touched my life both briefly and deeply, I wanted to create a meaningful experience for people to share their heartfelt appreciation.  By hosting it as a formal Appreciation Party, it inspires all who are involved to feel more grateful and give back.”


What are the next steps to host your own Appreciation Party? 

1. Say YES to hosting a party and contact Finding IT to request an Appreciation Party Planning form.  See us online at for an easy online version.
2. Complete and return the planning form to Finding IT.
3. Finding IT will get in touch with you to set up a complimentary consultation call and begin preparing for your personalized gathering celebrating those who make a difference to you.

For a printable form of this information, click here.