“Janae’s message of ‘Living IT’ presented at our Sisters in Christ Brunch was only as God would have it- the perfect answer to my prayers.  Her beautifully simple yet powerfully inspiring ability to get your mind and spirit engaged and energized is exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. Janae’s true talent is her amazing gift of gathering people together, sharing Jesus’ message of hope and love, and then inspiring you to pay IT forward.   I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunities to attend Janae’s events and I continue to share her book and her message with others.  Thank you, Janae – you are truly a gift from God.”
Mary Gray – Wellness Board Member at Advent Lutheran Church and mother of 4

“Janae has a way of effortlessly drawing people in, inviting them to participate in life, making them feel comfortable with their own thoughts and at home in their own skin. Thank you for giving me that gift and encouraging me to do that for others. I learned a lot about facilitating groups from you.”
Julie A. Bonde – Spiritual Director, Writer, Retreat Facilitator, Founder of Whispers of Wisdom

“We want to thank you for your talk that you gave at Companions in November.  Developing a heart of gratitude was a timely message for us and the feedback was wonderful.  Your illustrations and your life stories were so inspiring.  Thanks and we will more than likely be in touch with you for next year.”
Margene Vessel – Coordinator of Companions in the Heart of Jesus Church of Saint Paul

List of Church Clients:

  • Advent Lutheran Church
  • Church of Saint Paul
  • Cross of Hope Church
  • Nativity Lutheran Church
  • Peace Lutheran Preschool
  • St. Stephens
  • St. John the Baptist
  • Sacred Heart Church