Real Power Network Welcome

Janet Hagberg

Janet Hagberg, author of Real Power

I am so pleased that you are interested in expanding your knowledge, understanding and passion for Real Power. Those of us master mentors like myself and Janae Bower look forward to working with people who bring their passion and vision to embrace Real Power, which also enhances our lives and work as well as your own. We believe people who seek to live their lives as “soul leaders” serve the world as light bearers and agents of transformation.  

Our Vision To grow in True (Soul) Leadership and generously empower others

Our Mission To empower others to live out their highest calling in the world, based on the stages of power, in the book Real Power and in the stages of faith in the book, The Critical Journey.

Our Philosophy To share gifts, knowledge, materials and experience generously with others
To support, encourage and challenge the spiritual journey of our membership     


The Certification Philosophy & Process for Real Power

We train leaders to develop other leaders, to provoke their thinking about what true leadership is, to provide a practical tool for developing people and charting a new vision for the future. We now roll out a platform to formalize a certification process to enhance our skills in reaching out and touching others in the ways of soul leadership.
I hope this outline of the mentoing and certification process stimulates our searchers, network members and others to think of our certification as an extension of who we are already. I love all the work, ideas and creativity that have prompted the Real Power Network to advance its philosophy around certification. I’m so glad that YOU are interested in taking this journey with us and look forward to our future soul leadership roles.