Meet Master Mentor Janae Bower

We are excited and honored to introduce you one of our Real Power Master Mentor Janae Bower.  Each master mentor has spent a significant amount of time applying and teaching Real Power and Critical Journey principles in their lives and work.  Enjoy reading Janae’s profile to find out more about her and the amazing work she is doing.

Janae Bower Name:Janae Bower
Company & title: Founder of Finding IT
Location: Coon Rapids, MN
Phone: 612-554-1367


About you and your work

I am an inspirational speaker, award-winning author and training consultant.  I founded Finding IT, an inspirational business that provides personal and professional development to help others get to the heart of what matters most.  I am married to John and the mother of three wonderful children.  You can read more about me by clicking here


Summary of your personal mission, vision, values

My mission statement is:  I am my best and enlightened self fulfilling God’s purpose, which is greater than my self, to love, serve and inspire others who make a difference.  Click here to review my personal vision and values. I’m very passionate about inspiring people to have their own personal mission, vision and values and created a FREE online guide to help others do the same.


What are your current spiritual practices?

I engage in spiritual practices daily by praying, meditating, doing devotionals, keeping a gratitude journal and reading spiritual growth books.  On a monthly basis I’m involved in three small groups that promote the growth of my spirituality – a women’s group called WINGS (Women In Nourishing Groups for the Spirit), a bible study at my church, and a married couples group called Couples in Christ focused on growing closer to God and each other.  I go on a few retreats a year by myself, with my husband and with my girlfriends to have focused time to work on our spiritual practices.


What service are you performing for charitable purposes?

I often speak for free to many not for profit organizations sharing my gifts and products with these groups.  There are many places within my church that I volunteer such as the nursery, vacation bible school and  bible study.  The main focus right now is that my husband I and co-founded the Couples in Christ ministry at our church (small groups of married couples focused on growing Christ-centered relationships) and I oversee that ministry.


What Real Power/Janet Hagberg means to you 

As long as I’ve been on my spiritual journey Janet Hagberg continues to be a spiritual guide and mentor to me.  When I first read Real Power, I was going through stage 4 looking for my life’s purpose.  I decided early in life that I was not going to pursue any career, but my life purpose and do whatever it takes to make that happen.  I use the Real Power model as a basis for living my life and growing my business.


What is one of your favorite quotes from Real Power or Critical Journey?

One of my favorite concepts from Critical Journey is around the stages of power and stewardship.  “At stages 4, the Wall, 5 and 6 stewardship is different, both reflective about our lives and a living experience.  We become more reflective about our lives and what it means to be a wise steward of our lives.  We deepen our faith and begin connecting our lives outside of church more deeply with our faith. We explore our shadows, our wounds and places of unforgiveness.  We give up our wills to God.  Slowly stewardship develops into a dedication of more than our volunteer time or money.  We begin pledging our lives to God’s service, and we search for what that will mean for us.  We may or may not make a job, role or career change, but whatever happens outwardly is an extension of what has happened inside us.”  (Critical Journey, page 217)


 Why you joined the network

What drew me to this Network is the work of my spiritual teacher, Janet Hagberg. What keeps me dedicated to the Network is its “Pay It Forward” philosophy. This is one of my own values and it’s the basis of the network – to spread goodwill and share resources freely.  You can read more about my network profile here.


Why you were invited to become a master mentor

“Janae, I invited you to be a master mentor because you were already acting in the role of mentor to people in the network and you are deeply committed to using the model in your own life. I also was inspired by your spiritual depth and understanding of the inner life. Then when you helped design the whole model of certification I knew it would all work out beyond what I had imagined.”  – Janet Hagberg


Summary of what you did to become certified as a master mentor

This certification process is unlike any that I’ve been a part of, which I’m certified in many national programs like Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership and FranklinCovey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Not only did I have the honor to be part of the team to create it, I’ve enjoyed the fruits of completing it.  I was able to integrate many components of my work/life into the process – like the development of the online personal mission, vision and values guide; WINGS program and Couples in Christ ministry.  I helped mentor a woman working on her first book and another man to help him start his own business.  It’s been an amazing personal and professional growth experience. 


Testimony from someone you mentored in Real Power

“Janae Bower enriches the fullness, satisfaction and joy I am experiencing in life.   I am blessed by her mentoring in my life.  She is an excellent listener skillfully using empathic communication techniques to maximize our exchanges and getting us to a place where we can see the best next step.  Janae has a wonderful way of letting me know my words matter and my vision is worth continuing. She knows me so well; the inspirations come to her about my projects and dreams.  Janae’s mentoring has helped me take my goals and dreams to a higher level than I would have reached on my own.”  – Julie Wylie, mentee


How you are using your certification

I’m continuing to use and promote the certification within my business to support and mentor others who feel like one of the Real Power Tracks are a good path in their journey.


Your mentoring approach and personality

Just like the motto of my business is about giving inspiration, support and results this is what I do with my mentees.  Inspiration:  I lead by example which often inspires my mentees.  I also pray for my mentee to receive guidance to help inspire them.  Support:  I mentor by truly listening to my mentee – whether it their goals, concerns, dreams, fears – and provide first empathy to fully understand and support in the form of resources, tools, ideas, classes.  Results:  Whatever the mentee is seeking for results, I keep this end in mind as we set goals and continually focus on achieving it.


What an ideal mentee would be for you

The ideal mentee for me is someone who is wholeheartedly committed to themselves and our mentoring relationship.  This person is passionate, accountable and willing to grow.


Anything else we should know about you?

I live by my motto of making time for the things that matter most to me and thus intentionally spend my time fostering relationships with God, my husband, children, family, friends, career and community.  I’m an avid reader of personal and spiritual growth books.