Real Power Mentoring & Certification Tracks

We offer three tracks with varying levels of depth around Real Power and Critical Journey for our mentoring and certification process. Certified master mentors of the Real Power work with the mentees, no matter what track someone chooses.  Find out more about Master Mentor Janae Bower.


1. Searchers Mentoring Track:

This track is designed for searchers who want to learn more about the basics of Real Power or the Critical Journey. They choose to work with a certified mentor via email/phone to expand their understanding with the model, to apply it to their own lives and to increase awareness for additional resources to help the discovery process. This is a mentoring experience, not a certification.

Investment: The searcher commits to three one-hour sessions at a total investment of $150.  



network members2. Network Member Mentoring Track:

The Real Power Network extends an invitation to anyone who wants to officially join the Real Power Network. The invitation includes access to the resources on the web site and participation in the retreats. There is no cost to accept this invitation. This is a mentoring experience, not a certification.

Investment: Members of the network who want to go deeper may have phone/e-mail/in person consultations with a master mentor for $50 an hour.



Work/Life3. Life/Work Certification Track:

The goal for this track is to be a transforming process encouraging people to move to the next stage of power and to equip them, giving them competence through a certification to use the Real Power model in coaching, mentoring, consulting and teaching.

A person seeking life/work certification commits to a six or nine month mentorship with a certified master mentor. To be selected, the mentee completes a questionnaire, reviews profiles of master mentors and interviews with a master mentor to determine readiness as well as the best fit for a mentor.

Once selected and paired with a master mentor, the mentee designs a unique learning plan to
 coincide with a personal life/work goal within the framework of the following 8 competencies.
 Levels of achievement are required within each of the 6 selected competencies.

Knowledge of the RP Model (Complete all 3)
1. Knows the Model
2. Understands the PPP (if a part of their workshops/seminars)
3. Interpersonal Skills     

Personal Orientation to Real Power (Select and complete 2 with consultation of mentor)
4. Commitment to Stage 4+
5. Commitment to spirituality
6. Commitment to RP Network
7. Commitment to Transformation

Application of the Real Power or Critical Journey Teachings (See example below)
8. Application of Real Power to Life/Work
Composes a written answer to: how do you uniquely bring Real Power to your life and/or niche market? Supports the answer with a post to the website for use by all network members the applicant’s handouts / outlines / printed magazine or press articles, etc. used to build knowledge of soul leadership. Other options are available for completing this competency if co-designed and agreed to by master mentor.

A more complete summary of these levels of competence and the requirements for the process of certification is available by downloading this document. If anyone is interested in using the Critical Journey in addition to Real Power, we can work directly with them to modify the process.

Investment: The investment to partner with a master mentor is $550.  You may choose 3 payment options: 

1. Pay in full – a one-time payment of $550.

2. 6 month payment plan – your initial charge will be $92.  You will be automatically charged $92 a month for the next 5 months.

3.  9 month payment plan – your initial charge will be $61.50.  You will be automatically charged $61.50 a month for the next 8 months.