Hi, I’m Janae Bower, and I want to share with you more about the three worlds that I (and probably you too) live in – my work, my home and what I’m calling above and beyond.

My Work

For the past two decades I’ve been passionate about my life’s work and intentional with how to bring my passions to my work. I founded a lifestyle business called Finding IT so I could just that.

I’m the transformational author of the awarding-book The Little Girl Who Found IT and several others.  My love for books, which started as a little girl and still beats strongly in my heart today, keeps my writing dreams alive.

As an inspirational speaker, my love of learning helps my audiences (ranging from business executives to little children) gain both timeless wisdom and best-practices strategies.  With a Masters degree in Human Resource development, my interactive approach gives my audiences a fully engaged and memorable learning experience.

Clients seek me out to be their life-purpose coach once they see how devoted I am to living an inspired life as they strive to do the same.  Once we create a personalized vision for their heart’s desires, I help provide inspirational resources, intentional plans and inventive solutions for their integrated and ideal life.

One of my favorite things to do is to create stuff; from training programs, books, keepsake products, group-learning experiences, retreats, grassroots movements, and ministries.  As a creative developer I can help you design blueprints for your dreams and then help you bring to life these heart’s desires.

My Home

I’m deeply grateful for my family.  John and I have been married since 1997.  Our greatest blessing is our three sons, Gavin, Grant and Garrett along with our dog, Red.  Our “3-G Network” reminds us what’s really important in life. We enjoy all our family adventures and live outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Above and Beyond

Ever since I was a little girl and told by my dad that God had a special purpose for my life, I’ve been on a purposeful journey to find IT.  I’ve discovered ways to go above and beyond our lives today so we can leave a lasting legacy that goes beyond our lives. If you too are interested in living a integrated life, one that outlasts your own and impacts many others, then you’ll love what I have to share with you.  See Giving IT Away.