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Janae7Janae Bower’s expertise, enthusiasm and energy will inspire and transform your audience. Her passion is contagious – touching many hearts through her meaningful and memorable presentations. Audiences are moved with her uplifting messages, playful spirit and deep wisdom of personal and spiritual growth. Janae lights up the room with her authentic and magnetic personality and ignites your audience to inspired action. Your audience will “get IT” to the heart of what matters most.  Each presentation is tailored to be:

  •  Inspirational – Inspires audience to take action and achieve results
  • Innovative – Combines theories with relevant experience for an original approach
  • Interactive – Engages audience with group discussions and experiential exercises
  • Introspective – Provides thought-provoking material for individual reflection
  • Impressive – Creates an unforgettable, memorable experience


Speaking Topics

Be Change Resilient

Since change is constant, it’s more important than ever to learn how to learn how to best adapt to changes quickly and navigate them more effectively.  Decide to become change resilient by embracing a proven way to handle a variety of changes.  Develop strategies to drive and manage change.

Motivation Mojo

Experience first-hand what best motivates you – your own mojo – so that you’ll be able to more effectively motivate others.  Implement recognition tactics that resonate best with those who you work with to ensure engagement and cooperation.  Leave highly engaged with a best-practices motivational toolbox ready to implement back on the job.

Stress Less, Appreciate More 

Learn how to more effectively manage stress at work and home.  Discover the practical tools and resources for how to minimize the effects of stress.  Reduce your stress level on a daily basis and increase your appreciation with proven techniques.

Accountability in the Workplace

Personal accountability is at the center of productive organizations. Learn a consistent approach toward accountability and how it helps develop the potential of others. Determine how to implement the assessment tool and the accountability process introduced in this course that increases productivity and improves effectiveness.

Developing Talent and Managing Performance

Developing the talent of others is critical to stay competitive in today’s workplace.  Learn and apply a comprehensive talent and performance management process so that you can better diagnose performance gaps and deploy the appropriate development plans to effectively empower others’ potential.

Influence Without Authority

How do you influence people who are outside the boundaries of your direct authority?  Through the five cornerstones of influence, discover how to identify, expand and strengthen your informal span of influence so you can better persuade upward, downward and laterally to get the job done! Leave with a thorough understanding of the source of informal power and the dynamics of influence.

Dealing with Difficult People

Identify the different types of difficult personalities and techniques for responding to them at work.  Learn how to recognize and successfully maneuver hostile work environments.  Discover the positive approaches to managing conflict that result in fostering harmonious work environments.

Balancing Your Work and Life

With all the demands that we encounter at work and at home on a daily basis, it is more difficult than ever to strive for balance in our busy lives.  The focus of this interactive and introspective class will provide you with a master plan for successfully implementing a systematic process for living a more balanced and integrated work-life.

Generating Multiple Creative Solutions

Move beyond traditional thinking patterns and behaviors to effectively think problems through from different perspectives.  Brainstorm, mind map, and utilize other techniques for swiftly generating loads of great ideas for challenging workplace problems.  Access powerful ways that stimulate group problem solving and break through barriers to work out imaginative solutions.

Servant Leadership

Discover powerful principles for leading others with more intentionality, purpose and significance. Use acts of service and other traits that get to the core of true leadership effectiveness. Integrate the head (beliefs), hand (actions), habits and heart needed to inspire others’ to greatness at work and beyond.

Breakthrough to Inspired You

Learn the number one thing that you can do to stand out from the crowd and fascinate others.  Add massive value to others as you discover what matters most to them and build strong relationships.  Magnetize others as you tap into your passion and full potential to develop lasting connections and create strong networks.

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Janae is a certified instructor in these nationally recognized programs: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleInsideOut Coaching, Situational Leadership and Betterhalves.  Contact her to find out more.


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