Work With Me

Here’s my top 10 ideas for how we can work together.


blog1. Subscribe to my free time-bending report and video blog. Delivered to your inbox, you can count on me to show up with some of the most inspirational and transformation resources. Save time right away with the Jumpstart IT time-bending formula and then weekly on “Transformation Tuesday,” when receive a short video giving you “the GIST” of what matters most.  Sign up HERE.


Store2. Buy one of my heartfelt products. You’ll find my Little IT books and my You’re IT line of one-of-a-kind appreciation products.  You won’t want to miss out on these unique gifts to help you focus on what matters most and live your heart’s desires.  Check out the products.


Createstuff3. Partner with me to create stuff for you. You bring what you need help with and I’ll bring my creativity and expertise to be the spark of inspiration so together we can breathe life into it.  This includes developing training programs, books, keepsake products, group-learning experiences, retreats, grassroots movements, and ministries. Share with me your ideas by contacting me.


speaking4. Book me as a speaker. I have been speaking and training for 20 years to diverse audiences ranging from big wigs in business to little tykes at school. I can personalize a presentation just for your group or facilitate one of the nationally-recognized programs I’m certified to teach. Learn more.


coaching5. Have a trusted guide by your side to coach you through obstacles and lead to you opportunities. I would love to have a discovery session that will give you more clarity for your life and you’ll get a taste of coaching as we’ll have a heart-to-heart session together. Please reach out and contact me for more a time to connect.


retreat6. Hire me as your author in residence. For nearly 15 years, I’ve been a published author and speaking to schools about my books, the writing process and what it takes to get be an author.  My interactive programs, inspire students to live their dreams and get started on their books NOW! Download this guide to find out more about my programs.


loveaffair7. Experience a year-long spiritual and transformational journey with me. For one year I documented one of the most profound experiences of my life as I fell in love with God. I can’t wait to share with you how it changed everything about my life and can do the same for you as I take you on your own Love Affair with God. Click here as this online program LAUNCHES JAN. 2019.


inspiredU8. Sprint with me to complete your #1 goal. Run with me as we work TOGETHER on achieving your #1 goal from creation to completion in 45 days or less.  This online training and personal coaching program is uniquely designed to optimize your results and performance.  For more, go HERE.


MAMotherhood9. Start your Masters in Motherhood with me! I’ve officially dedicated the next 20 years to proactively parenting on purpose through getting what I’m calling my Masters in Motherhood.  It’s an priceless long-term investment that will have ripple effects for generations to come.  Contact me for more about this upcoming program.


MBA10. Enroll in your MBA – My Book Achieved!  Do you have a book in your heart?  If so, this educational opportunity is for you!  I  have spent thousands of hours and dollars on trying to figure out how to get my books published.  Together with other book lovers, we will gather forces to accomplish our book dreams! Go HERE.