Delicious Doggy Delights

One-of-a-kind dog treats homemade with love and hand delivered or shipped with care each month

What is it

My goal is that my homemade treats will make your dog feel PAW-SOME! It's also my goal to make this as easy for you as possible. That's why I'm creating a monthly membership program for my treats. At the beginning of each month, I'll personally deliver a bag of treats. As I like to say, "A treat a day, keeps your dog's tail wagging away!"  

Here's what you'll get for just $5.00 each month:

30 heart-shaped treats

Yummy & Good for them

Using just three ingredients - flour, eggs and milk - I've created a simple treat that your dog will love. I made the treats into hearts so that you'll be reminded that you are making them happy.

A note of PAWS-a-tivity

we all need to be inspired

Each month inside your treat bag, you'll find a special inspirational note that is for both you and your dog.

Personally delivered

No need to go to the store anymore

At the beginning of each month, I'll hand deliver or ship your treat bag straight to your front door. Your dog will be waiting for it! You can cancel your membership at any time.

 We have used them in training! Would highly recommend them!     

So this is Newman - he acts tough but is a little softie and has a sensitive stomach. We are lucky enough to know a neighbor who has been mastering the perfect recipe for our beloved pups. We love what Garrett has come up with and so does Newman. Thankfully they have been good on his digestion. We have used them in training too! Would highly recommend them! Thanks, Garrett!

Lynn Herman, Newman’s Mom

 Convenient home delivery and excellent customer service!     

Jack loves Delicious Doggy Delights! They are the perfect treat size. We appreciate the convenient home delivery and excellent customer service. I'm excited to be part of this membership program.

Lisa Nelson, Jack’s Mom

About Garrett

Pawssionate dog lover, Garrett Bower has some big dreams to open a dog resort. Inspired by his dog Red, 12-year-old Garrett started to live out that dream. He created his first dog-related product Delicious Doggy Delights. Garrett bakes and makes each treat with lots of love and natural ingredients. Your dog feels puptastic after eating them and you'll feel fantastic knowing you're supporting his big dog dreams!

I knew that my dog, Red, loved treats as much as I do. The problem was that we didn't always have them at home when we needed them. That's when I realized that if I made them we would always have treats for him. I know others are busy too, and so I'm making it easy for you - delivering them to your door each month so you never run out!

Get Started

There are two ways you can get started.

Try them out - Get your first bag of treats for FREE!

Start Membership - I love the treats and want to start my $5 membership!

(you can cancel at anytime)

areas I serve

As a young entrepreneur, I want to start by serving the special dogs who live closest to me in the Blaine and Coon Rapids area to ensure that your treats will be consistently hand-delivered on time and with care. I can ship to any other special dogs to others locations in the United States.

I am so excited to make you a part of the Delicious Doggy Delights family!

121 120th Ave. NW Coon Rapids, MN 55448


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