Giving IT Away

I’m a firm believer in the importance of going above and beyond in life and making a priceless investment in the lives of others. We are meant to outlive our life and not just have a lasting impact, but an everlasting one.  Here are ways that I’ve spent my time Giving IT Away so that you too can make an eternal difference in your life through faith, hope and love.



Above and beyond everything in life is my faith in God.  I love God with all of my heart.  It is the one thing that matters most in my life and the one thing that I hope will matter most to others.  Check out my Love Affair with God program, a year-long spiritual and transformational experience to enrich your relationship with God.

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Another way that I share my love for the Lord is through offering faith-based retreats for women. I have virtual and in-person retreats to encourage a more deeper and divine relationship with the Lord.  Find out more about my FaithWalk Retreats.




Our children and the youth are our hope for the future. Inspired to teach kids some of the important things in life that they often don’t learn in school, I created the Inspired YOUth Academy. Check out what some impressive middle schoolers are doing to help their school and the world be a better place.


Imagine doing what you love and loving what you do – in all areas of your life. It’s been my purpose for years to figure out a way to live an inspired life and help others be their best inspired self. In fact, I’ve been studying this for so long that I’m creating a school for it called Inspired U School! More to come soon!