Little IT – Inspirational books and matching products that bring hope, joy and purpose

The Little IT Series resonates with people of all ages and stages, inspiring them to find IT– more meaning, joy and purpose in their lives. The books called The Little Girl Who Found IT and The Little Boy Who Found IT are beautifully illustrated, inspirational stories about a little girl’s and boy’s life-long journey to find IT. These heartwarming stories remind us that even if we’ve lost IT, as we follow either the little girl’s and boy’s journey, we will see that we can find IT again. The matching keepsake products, inspired from the books’ message, are made by others who have partnered with us

Award-winning Book: The Little Girl Who Found IT The Little Boy Who Found IT Little IT Series Book Set Finding IT Kit
You’re IT Tribute – Keepsakes designed to share with others how they make a difference

Let others know how they make a difference with the You’re IT Tribute keepsakes! These unique gifts allow you to share with others that who they are and what they do matters. The range of products lets you honor, acknowledge and thank others on a variety of levels. From bookmarks, prints, cards and a commemorative book, there is something special for everyone.

Storybook Commemorative Card Pack for Storybooks You're IT Bookmarks Gratitude Cards with Bookmarks